Origami Talks

Create your Idea Worth Spreading to fold and refold into a TED-style talk, a keynote, and a workshop. | taught by Soness Stevens
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Soness Stevens
Soness Stevens
CEO/Founder, Your Speaking Journey

About the Instructor

When an opportunity to speak knocks at your door, you gotta be fully prepared so you can say, "Yes, please and thank you!"


Create your "Origami Talk" to fold and refold into a TED-style talk,  a keynote, and a workshop.

Yes, all three from the same core thesis because you make your core idea into a three-fold "Origami" Talk.  

Most people talk about accordion talks that expand with a bunch of hot air.

We want talks that transform.  

ORIGAMI ( A traditional Japanese paper-folding art form)

One square sheet of paper, folding into a crane (which represents hope) or a frog (Japanese "Kaeru" which sounds like frog or "change") or anything you desire.

ORIGAMI Talk takes one core thesis and transforms it (much like how we fold one origami square shape into a multitude of shapes)  into a TED-style talk (4-18 minutes) to a keynote and a workshop. Folding them into three forms and beyond.

In this 3-month online workshop program, speakers move from Step On the Red Dot core thesis to Origami Talk. This program is your follow-up course to my Step On The Red Dot™" program.  You’ll create your full TEDx talk and work on speaking techniques that go beyond performing --  You’ll connect, engage and move audiences.

If you want to speak on a TEDx stage in 2019, this is your chance.

Course Contents

31 Texts

Course Curriculum

Origami Talks: Month Two, Week Five: Refining Content
Origami Talks: Week Six: Presentation Bonus Videos
Origami Talks: Week Seven: "Workshop"ping and "Keynote"ing